$100,000 to Take Online Surveys



There is a huge misconception when it comes to being able to make a lot of money online from survey companies. Survey companies can be a cash cow if you know what you’re doing. The thing about it is that the majority of people who register and start to take surveys online with all these survey companies think they are going to make a ton of money from JUST doing a whole bunch of online surveys every day. WRONG!!!

The thing you have to consider is that most of these survey companies are looking for certain things most of the time (demographics, age, head decision maker in the household, experience in certain areas, certain amount of income, etc.) You are not going to be able to qualify for their surveys enough to be able to make big bucks just taking online surveys.

With that being known, there is a way to be able to still make a killing in the online survey niche. but it will take a little work and even a little monetary investment(This will not be for survey companies, I never recommend to pay for the survey companies themselves.) 

Here is how it’s done:

First, you need to research and find survey companies that will pay YOU to join their company and will give you the opportunity to do very short surveys for 50 cents to a dollar. There should also be $2 to $5 surveys sprinkled in there, anything that pays more than that is usually going to require you to purchase something first. I never recommend to pay for something to get paid on a survey unless it’s something you actually need at that time. I also never recommend to pay anybody for a list of survey companies, you can do a search for survey companies and come up with your own list. The only thing is you have to make sure their trustworthy and reputable survey companies (Visit my website¬†to get a list of reputable survey companies for free.)


Next, make a little money doing the surveys yourself. It’s impossible to teach someone how to do something the right way if you haven’t gotten your hands dirty and done it for yourself. Get in there sign up for some survey companies and start making a little money. Cashing out checks and gift cards and taking pictures with your newly acquired funds never hurts and it’s a great way to show income proof to others.


Next, You have to find to market the online paid survey opportunity in a big way so that you can reach hundreds or thousands of prospects with this opportunity, because a lot of the survey companies pay you to refer people, so this is where you have the most potential to make the big checks. So, get a lot of “friends” and let them know about how to make some extra money like you did. What has worked for me is developing a system for making money to take online surveys. Teach people how to market so that they are able to refer thousands of people to these companies and get paid!


The final key to unlock a ton of money in the online survey niche is to monetize the system to make money on the backend. This is where the secret ingredient lay. If you can show people how to make money the first day they start your system and then give them potential to make thousands per month on the backend then you are in business buddy! Help people to put a ton of money in their pockets and you have a fan for life and if you follow the steps I have broken down for you in this article then there is no reason why you can’t make thousands of dollars in the next couple months part-time.


P.S. If you want to see how I have systemized and monetized taking online surveys to make a ton of money, visit my website.